Two hallmarks of being in compliance with HIPAA are:

  • Ensuring that the healthcare practice provides the appropriate patient rights and controls on the patient’s uses and disclosures of Protected Health Information
  • Having the proper policies and procedures in place.

healthcare practices4

So, it follows that showing to the government that it not only has the ability to demonstrate how it is addressing all of the required security safeguards; but that it also has the documentation necessary for safeguarding patient PHI is required from any organization that is being audited or is the subject of a compliance review.

Grasp of the fundamentals is important and necessary

A healthcare practice, business or organization needs to have a sound understanding of HIPAA compliance requirements needed for protecting PHI. Full and comprehensive grasp of the fundamentals of HIPAA compliance requirements is necessary for an entity to ensure that whatever safeguards it has put in place can withstand government scrutiny.

safeguarding patient PHI

This knowledge is needed to implement the provisions of HIPAA. This apart, another important reason for which healthcare practices, businesses or organizations have to develop the right knowledge of the HIPAA requirements is to avoid data breaches. The appreciable rise in the number of recent HIPAA data breaches necessitates a proper understanding of HIPAA compliance requirements, which will help entities understand which of the requirements of HIPAA they need to meet if they have to safeguard PHI.

An understanding of how to show compliance with HIPAA requirements

Imparting a full understanding of the HIPAA requirements, which will help entities safeguard PHI in a manner that meets the regulatory requirements, is the intent of a seminar from GlobalCompliancePanel, a globally trusted provider of professional trainings for all the areas of regulatory compliance. President and Founder of Colington Security Consulting, LLC, Jay Hodes, will be the Director of this two-day, in person seminar.

Healthcare Providers1

Jay is being organized with the intention of giving professionals at various levels in the regulated industries, who have to implement HIPAA regulations a perceptive and thorough understanding of all aspects of HIPAA compliance. These professionals include Compliance Officers, HIPAA Privacy Officers, HIPAA Security Officers, Medical/Dental Office Managers, Practice Managers, Information Systems Managers, Chief Information Officers, General Counsel/lawyers, Practice Management Consultants, and any Business Associates that access Protected Health Information, IT Companies that support Medical/Dental practices or other healthcare organizations.

Jay will add spice to this rather mundane topic by breaking down the complexities of HIPAA compliance requirements in a lucid manner. The aim is to impart knowledge of all the requirements needed for a comprehensive HIPAA compliance program and the steps they need to take in order to mitigate risk, in a fun manner.

Healthcare Regulatory Compliance


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