Many problems of Pharmaceutical Water Systems have one solution

Water systems professionals need to keep many factors in mind and implement important steps to ensure that water system have high purity. Design, validation, operation, monitoring, maintenance, troubleshooting, and excursion investigations are all crucial components of a high purity water system, which water systems professionals have to bear in mind for ensuring purity.


A thorough understanding of all the aspects of a high purity water system is very crucial for the reason that not having it can lead to serious issues. Not only does the organization need to deal with system downtime, which can be time consuming and expensive; they would face something most organizations loathe: product recalls.

The antidote to these problems is to know the logic of common water system designs. Just this understanding is likely to remove many of the issues associated with water systems.

How do professionals go about this? By first forming a basis for their understanding, which is that there is no generalized solution to all water system problems. This is the basis to clearing the myths and misconceptions about water systems.

Biofilms hold the answer

A thorough understanding of just biofilms unlocks the solution to most water systems. Unfortunately, most professionals sidestep this core aspect. This is entirely because most pharmaceutical systems, especially those pertaining to biofilms, are built on misunderstanding. This is compounded by the completely erroneous assumption that one principle or logic is sufficient to get rid of all problems on the issue.

The USP is the Bible

There is no single technical solution to all problems relating to water systems, but a single guide such as the USP can go a long way in helping ease the issue. Making proper and thorough reference to it, as well as implementing the right biofilms can be the perfect solutions to all problems associated with water systems. Such learning can be used as a single source that can be replicated in any system. This is also the key to achieving an event-free microbial control.

Water systems professionals can also achieve many of their desired results by gaining familiarity with water system validation and Change Control. All these go a long way in neutralizing many of the obstacles associated with water systems and bring down the rate of excursion investigations.

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