Controlling Human Error in the Manufacturing Floor


All the technological advancements in the automation processes of many industries notwithstanding, human labor continues to be a core part of manufacturing. This means that manufacturing is highly prone to human error. This is natural, because human error is inseparable from the human presence. Wherever there is human involvement, the potential for human error accompanies it, because, as the old saying goes, to err is human. With all the meticulousness that humans are capable of, the scope for human error can never be ruled out.

Human error has serious costs for the economy, because manufacturing is a vital industry in most countries of the world. Irrespective of whether the human error is intended or not, the loss that accrues from it is unavoidable. An error in one stage of manufacturing can spill over to other areas, curtailing the entire chain. It is no exaggeration that human errors cost the global economy billions of dollars in losses and kill incalculable productivity time.

GlobalCompliancePanel, a leading provider of professional training for all the areas of regulatory compliance, is organizing a webinar on March 19, at which all the aspects relating to human error in manufacturing, and the ways of minimizing it, will be explained. GlobalCompliancePanel brings Ginette Collazo, a human error and human behavior expert who has spent more than 15 years in technical training, organizational development and human reliability areas, as the expert at this webinar.

To enroll for this six-hour session, please visit Globalcompliancepanel .


Ginette will drive home the point that although it is impossible to totally eliminate human error in manufacturing, it is possible to minimize it to the lowest level that one can bring it down to. Human error in manufacturing can start at the design stage and can go to all the areas such as procedures, training, and workplace environment, where variables are involved.

She will explain the ways by which an understanding of human psychology can help locate exactly where the error lies and correct the weaknesses in the system to the point where they can be fixed.

At this session, she will offer simple and practical tools which participants can use immediately and start reducing most human errors. This webinar will make a discussion of human error categories, near root causes and root causes for these events, as well as the current trends in human error issues in the manufacturing industry.

Participants will:

  • Understand human error: factors and causes
  • Understand the importance: regulatory and business
  • Define the process to manage Human Error deviations
  • Identify Root Causes associated to human error deviations
  • Learn how to measure human error rates at your site
  • Identify what to do to support human reliability.


About the expert: Ginette Collazo, Ph. D. is an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist with 20 years of experience that specializes in Engineering Psychology and Human Reliability, disciplines that study the interaction between human behavior and productivity. She has held positions leading training and human reliability programs in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Manufacturing Industry.


Author: GlobalCompliancePanel-Training

GlobalCompliancePanel is an online training gateway delivering high quality regulatory & compliance trainings in a simple, cost effective and in a user friendly format.

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