ISO 14001 internal audit

ISO 14001 internal audit

ISO 14001 is an Environmental Management System (EMS) that relates to the external environment in an organization. This regulation lays out standards and rules for implementation of external components of an organization relating to the environment. Based on Deming’s management cycle and modeled after the British standard BS 7750; ISO 14001 is related to other ISO 14000 standards.

ISO 14001 internal audit features

  • o   All its 17 clauses are standard requirements
  • o   Certification is valid for three years from the date of completion of audit
  • o   Surveillance audit is carried out every year thereafter
  • o   All types of organizations come under its scope, i.e. all kinds of organizations can be audited
  • o   It is integrable with ISO 18001, which deals with the internal environment policy of an organization, and ISO 9001
  • o   Certification is to be done by an accredited, registered body

Important points during ISO 14001 internal audit

The following points are important to note for an ISO 14001 internal audit:

  • o   Compliance with legislation
  • o   Organization-wide implementation of relevant sections
  • o   Demonstration of positive results
  • o   Demonstrate indicators such as water quality, emission levels, pollutants, effluents, etc.
  • o   Organizations should enlist their own indicators and show improvement from time to time.
  • o   Documentation
  • o   Preparedness for emergencies at the workplace
  • o   Preventive and corrective actions
  • o   Management review of all of the above

Audit methods during ISO 14001 internal audit

  • o   Plant tour
  • o   Observation and evaluation of compliance or deviation
  • o   Interviews with concerned staff
  • o   Documentation of records
  • o   Questionnaires



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