Cleaning Validations Using Extraction Techniques

Cleaning validations are an essential step in the medical device development process. One of the most common methods is using extraction techniques to validate the cleanliness of a device. This webinar will provide valuable guidance on how to achieve a thorough validation of a cleaning process. Why should you attend:Medical device manufacturers have always been under […]

RPS says pharmacists must always be present in pharmacies

The three RPS national boards have jointly called for legal guarantees that a pharmacist will always undertake a clinical assessment or check, and that there must be no legal loopholes that can bypass this requirement. Source: The leaked document, prepared by a working group of the Department of Health’s Rebalancing Medicines Legislation and Pharmacy […]

The all-important nature of validation of pharmaceutical water systems

The significance of validation of pharmaceutical water systems can be gauged from the fact that among the number of substances, raw materials and starting materials used in the production, processing and formulation of pharmaceutical products; water takes a position of primacy. This is because the hydrogen bonds that water has, along with its polarity, lend […]