Psychiatric care is postcode lottery, say medical experts

There are not enough NHS psychiatrists in some parts of the UK and more should be recruited to improve care, says the Royal College of Psychiatrists. In Scotland, there are 10 consultant psychiatrists per 100,000 people – but only eight for the same number in England and Northern Ireland, and just six in Wales. London’s […]

Statistics for Medical Professionals

Medical statistics, also called biostatistics, is an important area for medical professionals. Statistics and the medical professionals may not seem very easily associable with each other at first glance, but a deeper look suggests the connection between statistics and the medical profession. Statistics is a set of data and tables. These figures are meant to […]

FDA guidance on process validation

FDA guidance on process validation The FDA guidance on process validation is an important document that offers guidelines on Process Validation (PV), a critical aspect of medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturing. In November ’08, the FDA issued a draft guideline that revised the old guidelines on PV. The FDA guidance on process validation was now […]