‘Synthetic lethality’ targets cancer cells by damaging vulnerable DNA

By designing small molecules that can “turn off” kinase enzymes stuck in the “on” position, they have managed to ward off cancer’s attack. More recently, scientists have focused on ways to help the body’s own immune cells seek and destroy cancer cells. Enter the concept known as synthetic lethality. Researchers have long known that a […]

Brain Activity and Good Diet May Prevent Insomnia-Related Depression

While lack of sleep is a major risk factor for depression, not everyone who tosses and turns at night becomes depressed. According to a study, individuals whose brains are more attuned to rewards may be protected from the negative mental health effects of poor sleep. The findings revealed that students with poor quality sleep were […]

How does the US healthcare system compare with other countries?

Despite US legislation in 2010 that moved the country closer to achieving universal healthcare, costs have continued to rise and nearly 26 million Americans are still uninsured according to the Congressional Budget Office. As Republicans decide whether to repeal or replace the struggling healthcare policy, how does the existing US healthcare system compare with those […]

High Performance Computing can help understand the secrets of the DNA

Description: Understanding the secrets of DNA is the key to the next generation of medical care involving extremely personalized treatment The Use of High-Performance Computing in Understanding the Secrets of DNA Introduction High-performance computing (HPC) is the use of advanced teraflop computer systems, such as supercomputers or cluster of computers, to solve complicated and time […]