Gottlieb Targets Drug Development Costs, Clinical Development Efficiencies

Posted 11 September 2017 By Zachary Brennan FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb on Monday explained to attendees of RAPS’ Regulatory Convergence conference some steps FDA is taking to make the clinical end of drug development more efficient and effective. Opening with a discussion of the ways in which the gap of time between the discovery of […]

Tips for managing CRO’s

The role of clinical contract research organizations (CRO’s) has come into focus of late, with the burgeoning growth of the outsourced model for business. In the clinical research industry, CRO’s are considered viable alternatives to expensive domestic players. This is because since it is the clinical study process that needs to be outsourced to developing […]

Understanding clinical compliance

Clinical compliance is a necessary part of a clinician’s profession. Clinical trials are the lifeblood of laboratory experiments and are at the root of drug development. Since clinical trials assume such significance in pharmaceuticals, it is necessary for clinical trials to be compliant with regulations. Regulations are important not only from the perspective of drug […]