200+ followers. WOWWWWWW…

Hello Everyone, Today we have the pleasure of celebrating the fact that we have reached the milestone of 200+ followers on WordPress. Since we started this blog, we have had such a great time connecting with everyone.  we never expected to actually to connect with other people in the blogging community. we are so incredibly […]

Breast cancer warning from man stunned by ‘impossible’ diagnosis

When you think of breast cancer, you think of a form of cancer that affects only women. It doesn’t. While breast cancer in men is rare it’s still an issue for the 10 men on average who are diagnosed with it every year in Northern Ireland. Ian Cranston, 70, was diagnosed with breast cancer in […]

FDA API GMP requirements –current quality guidelines

FDA API GMP requirements –current quality guidelines The US FDA has set out Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) requirements for a number of products. The Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, a US law,empowers the FDA with authority to regulate a number of industries. Accordingly, the FDA GMP requirements and guidelines exist for a clutch of products […]

The ICH Q 7 A–important sections

The ICH Q 7 A–important sections The ICH Q 7 A is a globally harmonized GMP guideline for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API). This guideline covers all GMP aspects of manufacturing, quality control and trading of both chemical and biological ingredients of a drug. The Q 7 was arrived at by the International Conference of Harmonization […]

API is the biologically activesubstance in a drug

A pharmaceutical drug consists of the API and the excipient, the inert substance   Introduction: Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient An active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) is the substance in a pharmaceutical drug that is biologically active. Some medications may contain more than one active ingredient. The traditional word for the API is pharmacon or pharmakon which originally […]