The interconnectedness between human resources and project management

Although a superficial look may suggest nothing in common between HR and project management; upon scratching the surface a bit, one discovers a close relationship between the two. Project management and HR are very closely related to each other, if one considers the similarity in the approach to the two disciplines:

Project management is rooted in planning. A detailed, systematic, team-involved plan is at the core of successful project implementation. Therefore, the project leader who plans well succeeds in executing the project and taking it a notch higher.


The ability to plan precisely is of equal importance for HR, because much of what progresses in the organization hinges on HR’s planning ability. When HR plans and implements properly and effectively, that is a sure prescription for the organization’s success and growth. Like project managers, HR is also expected to transform a vague concept into a measurable outcome by channeling a broad array of knowledge, skills, and resources toward a critical organizational goal.

A learning session on the link between HR and project management

A proper understanding of this link between HR and project planning is the learning that a two-day, in person seminar being organized by GlobalCompliancePanel, a leading provider of professional trainings for the areas of regulatory compliance, will be imparting.


The speaker at this session, Cathleen Hampton, a professional consultant with over 25 years of HR experience, will talk about strategic and effective management and implementation of programs and ways in which HR professionals can facilitate both of these in their organizations. To gain learning of the crucial link between HR and project management, just log on to

Understanding the similarities

Over two days of learning, Cathleen will expose participants to the basic principles concerning the nuts and bolts of planning, scheduling, and budgeting. These will be the outcomes of this learning:

  • Strengthening of skills and understanding how to generate valuable benefits for the organization by achieving crucial results that align with organizational objectives
  • Knowledge of the communication skills it takes to get ideas, instructions, and requests across quickly and accurately, thereby minimizing development time
  • Effectively using resources to stay on top of deadlines and expenses
  • How to rebound quickly from surprises and setbacks
  • How to get the best from people who don’t normally report to them
  • These are the objectives of this seminar:
  • Learning the imperative questions to ask before even beginning
  • How to use the planning and scheduling tools that professional project managers use, such as GANTT charts, the critical path method, work breakdown structures, project management software, and others
  • Best practices for team work
  • Understanding when and how the “Murphy factor” could hit the project and impact it in a big way.


Author: GlobalCompliancePanel-Training

GlobalCompliancePanel is an online training gateway delivering high quality regulatory & compliance trainings in a simple, cost effective and in a user friendly format.

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