Handle internal investigations thoroughly, else employees could approach law agencies

Employees have a right to approach external sources such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), Wage and Hour, private attorneys, and juries against the employers, when feel that their legitimate complaints are not being heard by their employers.

But first, a clear definition has to be made of what constitutes legitimate complaints and a distinction has to be made between legitimate and unsubstantiated complaints. This is because employers are legally empowered and obliged to carry out certain kinds of investigation, namely the kind done on what the law considers as a legitimate employee complaint, and not others. It is thus important for employers to have a thorough understanding of what type of complaint is considered by the law as legitimate and what is not.

Follow the procedures to be safe at investigations

This distinction determines whether the employee will go to any of the external agencies mentioned above to complain against the employer or not. Further, quick and sound action that is legally compliant will also help juries or other agencies decide whether or not the employers took quick and appropriate action to address legitimate employee complaints. Following the right procedures will help to protect the organization against such complaints, if the juridical sources find that the employer took the right action on time to redress the employee’s legitimate complaint.


HR has to be quick and has to think on its feet if it is to avoid giving the employee the opportunity to approach an external agency, the fallout of which can be potentially damaging. In order to help HR professionals understand the way by which to carry out a legally tenable and fair investigation of the complaints; GlobalCompliancePanel, a leading global provider of professional trainings in all areas of regulatory compliance, will organize a two-day seminar.


To enroll for this seminar, please log on to


Susan Fahey Desmond, a principal with Jackson Lewis PC and noted author and speaker, will be the Director of this seminar.  Susan will offer a thorough understanding of how to classify a complaint by the employee as a legitimate one. Lack of this knowledge on the part of the organization’s HR will result in having to battle it out in court.

Author: GlobalCompliancePanel-Training

GlobalCompliancePanel is an online training gateway delivering high quality regulatory & compliance trainings in a simple, cost effective and in a user friendly format.

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