Maximizing profits and patient outcomes during times of dwindling reimbursements

Shrinking professional services reimbursements from all insurance companies is a fact that all practices are facing. With patient footfalls falling and operating costs skyrocketing; there is a need for everyone to look at ways by which to generate additional revenue opportunities with their existing patient base and at the same time, maximize patient clinical outcomes.

There exist methods by which all these goals can be achieved. The ways of doing this will be the subject of a two-day seminar that is being organized by GlobalCompliancePanel, a well-known provider of professional trainings for all the areas of regulatory compliance. Gregory J. Simms, President and CEO of DME Advanta, LLC., will be the Director at this seminar. Just log on to to enroll for this  seminar.

Look for the DME option

Simms will demonstrate very practical and simple ways of maximizing revenue and profit to participants from their practice and ways of offering better service outcomes for their patients from their existing patient base. A very important learning he will offer is the ways to set up a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Revenue Program, which will unlock the keys to financial success in the range of $5,000-$25,000 profit per doctor per month, all with a limited number of patients, and while at the same time staying legally compliant.


Practitioners for years have been referring the business to O&P shops, manufacturers or 3rd parties because they have all along believed that it is illegal and not profitable. If done following proper guidelines and regulations with appropriate protocols and processes, these can be developed into a full-fledged, profitable program that greatly enhances the value they provide to their patients, as well as their own practices.

A comprehensive set of materials

Apart from explaining the ways of doing this, Director Simms will provide participants with the following critical information and materials at this seminar:

  • How to develop Profits $5,000-$20,000+ per month, per doctor though DME (with but a few patients a week or day)
  • How to become immediate positive cash-flow
  • How to provide a “Convenient One-Stop Medical Shopping” for patients
  • How to maximize “Clinical Outcomes”
  • How to acquire a Medicare DME PTAN license
  • How to become fully accredited and treat numerous practices patients
  • Surgical & non-surgical protocols
  • Criteria to prove medical necessity with formulated SOAP Notes and diagnosis codes
  • Legal Compliance program that addresses all federal & state guidelines
  • The keys to dealing with private insurances, Workers Compensation cases and Personal Injury cases
  • Audits and how to proactively prepare so you never need to worry

He will cover the following areas at this seminar:

  • Return on Investments (Strategic & Financial)
  • Medicare & Accreditation
  • Policies & Processes
  • Executing a Legal Compliance Program

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