Ensuring compliance with healthcare laws is of utmost importance for healthcare providers

Compliance with the many laws, as well as implementation of the necessary compliance initiatives are the means by which healthcare providers and entities or organizations involved in any type of healthcare transaction, especially those who bill or are involved with services payable by a CMS program, play a part in the protection of the integrity of  the CMS programs.

Developing and maintaining the necessary compliance programs that place a special emphasis on auditing and monitoring, appropriate training, receiving and responding to complaints and conducting investigations is necessary for providers, entities and organizations that bill Medicare, Medicaid or other government payor programs. Those whose compliance program fails to incorporate the necessary control processes risk inviting potential audits that could lead to civil, monetary and criminal penalties.


Understanding risks is necessary for healthcare practices

The ways by which to understand potential risks relating to their practice or organization and responding and mitigating deficiencies are all-important for healthcare organizations if they have to sustain their success and viability. This is also necessary if the organization has to avoid or neutralize the impact of negative findings by an external audit or investigative agency.

Moreover, with the many impactful changes taking place in the healthcare delivery; healthcare provider reimbursement could be affected. Quality of care and reduced costs will bring about changes into provider reimbursement for services. Healthcare providers have to understand how these changes are going to affect them.

Learning ways of implementing compliant programs

A two-day in person seminar by GlobalCompliancePanel, a highly reputable provider of professional trainings for all areas of regulatory compliance, will offer understanding on all these areas of healthcare compliance. This course, at which Gail Madison-Brown, a Registered Nurse and attorney who has spent over 25 years in the healthcare industry, and is Chief Clinical Trials Officer at UTHSCSA will be the Director,  will focus on ways by which healthcare organizations can devise means by which to stay compliant with the regulatory guidelines and laws.

To enroll for this seminar and to get a thorough understanding of how to implement practices that are compliant with regulatory requirements, just visit http://www.globalcompliancepanel.com/control/globalseminars/~product_id=900544SEMINAR?ensure-healthcare-compliance-Seattle-WA.

Ways of building a robust and pragmatic compliance program

Attending this seminar will help participants understand how to build a solid and practical compliance program. Gail will introduce the basic healthcare compliance infrastructure necessary to establish a comprehensive and proactive compliance program. She will then discuss current government auditing agencies and audits that are underway, as well as government agencies responsible for protecting the Medicare Trust Fund from fraud, waste and abuse.


She will teach participants the ways of identifying risks in their organizations, no matter what their size, by conducting a risk assessment and developing a work plan based upon risk and will help with the mitigation efforts. Apart from OCR audits and how to conduct their own self-assessment in preparation for an audit, as well as ways of addressing any identified deficiencies; participants will also learn how to conduct auditing and monitoring activities and what to do with findings. Ways of putting in place a complaint management system and conducting an investigation will also be discussed. The Director will also offer user friendly templates and tools, as well as numerous case scenarios to the participants, which they can use to enhance current compliance programs.


Author: GlobalCompliancePanel-Training

GlobalCompliancePanel is an online training gateway delivering high quality regulatory & compliance trainings in a simple, cost effective and in a user friendly format.

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