Sanitary transportation of human and animal foods needs to comply with new FDA FSMA rules

That the issue of sanitary transportation of human and animal foods is accorded a high degree of importance by the FDA is evident by the fact that the FDA is bound by the US Congress-legislated Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) rules, which relate to this subject.

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At its core, the FSMA seeks to mandate the FDA to establish rules that help in improving, auditing and enforcing food transportation rules from time to time. In doing so, it covers all the major aspects of food transportation, which include:

  • Food items not completely covered by a container
  • Preventing and reducing the adulteration and risk in the food
  • Training and certification of personnel who work in these areas
  • Collection and inspection of data
  • Following maintenance and reporting procedures that lead to evidence of compliance.

New, comprehensive rules from time to time

The FSMA keeps getting updated from time to time whenever the need for it arises. In addition, the new FSMA rules also cover aspects relating to the food industry, such as how to implement low cost GPS enabled traceability and temperature monitoring technology, ways of using EPA-approved container sanitizers, how to understand and implement washout technologies, the ways of understanding and handling temperature maintenance equipment, and the optimal ways of testing food residue and bio-contaminants.

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Considering that the FDA requires total adherence to the FSMA rules from personnel in the food transportation industry, and also keeping in view the fact that these rules keep getting updated from time to time; there is a need for those involved in any aspect of this industry to keep themselves abreast of the latest FDA aspects.

It is to facilitate this understanding that GlobalCompliancePanel, a reputable provider of professional trainings for the regulatory compliance industry, will organize a seminar. To get more details of this seminar, just log on to

This two-day, in person live seminar will have John Ryan, who is President of TransCert, QualityInFoodSafety, and RyanSystems, as the Director. John Ryan will familiarize participants with all the aspects of the FDA’s FSMA rules, the ways in which they need to be understood, as well as how they need to be implemented.

John Ryan will discuss upcoming technology providers and will provide Internet links to the participants, which will have detailed information on these. In addition, he will also offer his insights into the future of transportation food safety, given the advent of new and evolving technologies.

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