Program management in the aerospace industry

The aerospace management has been going through difficult times. On the one hand, its commercial operations face stiff competition globally. On the other, government, which is a major source for this industry, is consistently shedding its allocation. This situation calls for adapting innovative and resource-saving measures. Aerospace Program Management is one such important tool.

Aerospace program management consists of planning and working on all the important aspects of the aerospace industry’s operations. These include:

  • Designing
  • Manufacturing
  • Offering aftermarket support

What does aerospace program management involve?

Aerospace program management also consists of having to work with all the people involved in the industry, such as suppliers and partners, while working in close coordination with internal resources. In addition, aerospace program management requires the manager to analyze critical program data, while monitoring the programs that help the organization cut costs and increase efficiency and productivity.

The aerospace program manager has to optimize all the functions to help the organization derive the best out of all these. Program management is thus a combination of project management, business, process, human relations,organizational and leadership skills.

Other aspects that help in aerospace program management

Aerospace program management, along with communication and schedule management, interfacing with other units, Task Scoping, project management software use, compliance reporting and risk management, plays a vital role in helping the aerospace industry tide over its issues and challenges.

The role of software program tools

Software program management tools facilitate the work of the aerospace program management greatly by helping it have real time status at its fingertips. This helps them coordinate their functions and smoothens their day to day work. Aerospace program management tools help to keep track of the work, while also helping the manager understand the deviations, if any, and correct them.

Aerospace program management and aerospace risk management

Aerospace program management is tied to risk management. Risk management in the aerospace industry is governed by two important standards -the AS9100, and the ISO 9001, on which the former is based. These two standards work in tandem to meet quality requirements set out by NASA, FAA and DOD.

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