A sound Food Safety Management System is an imperative in today’s globalized food supply chain

A sound Food Safety Management System is an imperative in today’s globalized food supply chain

Key Takeaway:

A food safety management system is absolutely necessary for ensuring public health. This is all the more important in today’s globalized world, in which food knows no national borders or boundaries.

First, let us get an understanding of Food Safety Management System or FSMS. Food Safety Management System may be described as a network of interrelated components that fuse and synchronize in ensuring that food is prepared and consumed safely without causing adverse health effects on humans.

Governments and organizations from all over the world coordinate with multifold agencies over several programs to ensure this. Steps for ensuring that a proper Food Safety Management System is put in place include these among many others:

  • Planning
  • Policymaking
  • Setting out guidelines for procedures, processes and practices.

Such a coordinated action plan could also include accomplishing set goals and objectives and the methods to be adopted to get there. A lot of documents and record go into this.

Key Elements of a Food Safety Management System

A well laid out Food Safety Management System usually consists of these five basic key elements:

In essence, we can understand the core of FDA Medical Device GMP Guidelines to mean the

foodSafetyManagementSystemAll these are done to ensure the manufacture, storage, packaging, distribution and sale of safe food. To strengthen these, Food Safety Management Systems have programs, accreditations and certifications to ensure that food quality is verifiable and measurable. Some of the present global standards include:


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