Electronic Health Records -an understanding

Electronic Health Records -an understanding

Key Takeaway:

EHRs are a shining example of the advancements being made in the technology the American healthcare system uses. They need to be comprehended properly to facilitate their adaption.

The terms Electronic Health Record (EHR) is self-explanatory: it signifies an electronic version of paper medical records of a patient. Since these are digitized records; they are real time, with instant access and updating over all the sources and locations at which it is available. If a new value gets entered or deleted or altered; the same gets updated at all locations. This means that any authorized user having access to a patient’s EHR gets the latest record, making decision-making easier and faster.

Features/advantages of electronic health records

  • Electronic Health Records contain all details of a patient’s medical history, such as diagnosis, medication routine, treatments advised, immunization protocols and related information
  • Gives importance to processes, because of which it gives access to evidence-based tools which help healthcare providers take important decisions about a patient’s care. It ensures accuracy of diagnoses and health outcomes irrespective of which medical center or healthcare professional is attending to the patient;
  • In totally automating and streamlining provider workflow, EHRs make patient information instant and current across all locations, no matter in which geography that record is being accessed;
  • It brings about an improvement in the quality, as well as convenience of patient care;
  • Fosters increases patient participation;
  • Since electronic health records are spread across the length and breadth of the country; they improve practice reduce costs.

Concerns about EHRs

The numerous advantages of EHRs notwithstanding; some concerns abound about its usage.


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