Medicaid Vs. Medicaid EHR Incentives

Medicaid vs. Medicaid EHR Incentives & Meaningful Use Certifications in US

The aim of Electronic Health Records (EHR) is, as we all know, to digitize the entire database of medical records of all patients across the US. One of the offshoots of the technological revolution; EHR is a brilliant step towards ensuring that medical records are not only stored safely, but are also accessible at one’s fingertips at any time and location.

The EHR Incentive Program

The federal program for optimizing paper records is called the EHR Incentive Program. A program of the CMS; this Incentive Program provides “incentive payments for certain healthcare providers to use EHR technology in ways that can positively impact patient care”. When digitization was already underway, where was the need for the EHR Incentive Program?

What does it do? 

This is what needs to be understood in relation to the EHR: it has been conceived and put in place to help EHR do more than its routine work of storing records electronically and transmitting information. The novelty of this program is that it seeks to optimize the use of EHR and ensure improved healthcare and patient care by providing incentives towards this end to vendors. Started in 2011 and available in 47 states; it will run through 2016.

What all are the components of this program?

The EHR program has been conceived with the intention of hastening the process of EHR, and more important, to ensure that it becomes more useful and meaningful. What are the ways by which this program will help augment the quality and use of existing electronic records, and what effect will it have on the stakeholders? These are what a webinar being organized by GlobalCompliancePanel, a leading provider of continuous professional education for the regulatory compliance industry, will clarify.

At this webinar, the speaker, Kosta Makrodimitris, who isthe principal for K Makrodimitris, which specializes in Health IT & BIO business development, EHealth education, Health Information policy will clarify on these new and expected stages and policies for Medicaid/Medicaid EHR Incentives. He will also take up for discussion the potential effects these stages will have across the states and the industry.

The webinar will start with an explanation of the policies that are in place and move on to a discussion of the upcoming regulations. He will then the possible way in which the EHR Incentive Program will affect vendors. He will also take up relevant US and global regulations and standards.

During this webinar, the speaker will cover the following areas:

  • Overview of Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Program
  • Background for EHR and current landscape
  • Overview of Meaningful use for EHRs
  • Health Information Exchanges (hospitals, professionals and states)
  • Choosing a Program: Medicare or Medicaid?
  • Schedule & Timeline 2011-2016
  • Stage 1 Qualification and Compliance
  • Stage 2 Qualification and Compliance
  • Clinical Quality Measures and EHRs
  • Future of Health Exchanges and EHRs
  • Resources and Data Reports

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