BRC risk assessment

BRC, short for British Retail Consortium, is a body that sets global safety standards for food. Its standards are part of a leading safety and quality certification program. With a membership of over 17,000 certified suppliers in more than 90 countries, BRC works through a coordinated network of over 80 accredited or recognized certification bodies.

Starts with top management

BRC risk assessment is aimed at improving processes and standardizing them across the globe. Risk management is a critical aspect of BRC standards. BRC risk assessment begins with the adaption of sound risk assessment principles percolating from the top management downwards.

Different types of assessments

BRC risk assessment seeks to make risk assessment the core of an organization’s function. It has clauses for the type of risk that has to be countered. The entire challenge of BRC risk assessment lies in the fact that it seeks to concretize subjective risk matters. Towards this end; it has no fewer than 27 assessments.

The sections of BRC risk assessment specify the kind of product and group that needs to be administered the specific risk assessment criterion. It also lists out legislative and safety requirements.

Guidelines for all stages of production

The important aspect of BRC risk assessment is that it has guidelines for every stage of production of food material, right from prior to production to post production. These are some of the important guidelines for BRC risk assessment:

  • The organization has to nominate a person for handling risk assessment;
  • The product’s risk assessment has to be verified from time to time;
  • The management system has to state the policy the organization is undertaking;
  • The organization has to adhere to stated documentation processes.

Put together with other important requirements; the BRC risk assessment is a tool to ensuring quality at every possible level.



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