Supplier audit program

Supplier audit program

An internal audit program is needed for any business in which continuous work is needed, such as documentations. An audit ensures that the root cause of documentation is addressed. Documentation that is proper and process-oriented is a regulatory requirement, and hence an audit program is a must. A proper audit program that has tied loose ends up is a guarantee against any check from an external source, such as the FDA or an internal one, such as by the management or the firm’s partners.

The need for a supplier audit program

Why is a supplier audit program needed? In these days of globalization, most organizations, including medical devices and pharmaceuticals, outsource many of their operations. Products are manufactured in different locales, both locally and globally, before they are eventually consumed. A supplier audit program that is methodical, process oriented, transparent and scientific is the way to ensure that everything that goes into the manufacture and supply of these products is in line with set procedures and practices.

The criticality of the supply chain

The importance of and need for a supplier audit program needs to be understood in the context of an age where the geographical borders have blurred for global businesses. The supply chain, being the gel that holds the global business together, is stretched to different and diverse geographies. This is where the supplier audit program’s importance matters. A supplier audit program that is streamlined, visible and accountable is the best means to ensuring that the supply chain is robust and well-coordinated. This ensures smooth passage of the ingredients that to into the product, leading to hassle-free production, and eventually, profitable business.


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