Medical compliance

Medical compliance

Medical compliance, rather lack of it, is perhaps the most detested word for the medical fraternity. Medical compliance is, in simple terms, adherence to prescribed treatment. Many patients fail their doctors by not following treatment courses properly. The reason most people do this is that they feel better after a few doses, and take a self-decision that they are fine and don’t need to complete the course. This makes the treatment ineffective, because most medicines are administered as courses.

There is another, rather sad reasons for which a few patients cannot ensure medical compliance. This is when they are unable to afford the medicines. Although common in the developing world, there are cases of non-adherence to medical compliance due to lack of affordability in the US, too.

Why is medical compliance important and necessary?

Most modern medication, ranging from old and new generation antibiotics to oncology drugs, are have a mode of action that aims at continuously targeting symptoms. They work by repeatedly targeting the symptom-causing organisms or body condition. For this reason, it is necessary to take continued dosage, which is what is normally prescribed. Medical compliance means taking the full prescribed dosage in the format and quantity the doctor advises. This full dosage ensures the desired effect of the drug or any other medication.

Medical compliance vs. regulatory compliance

Some people can confuse medical compliance with regulatory compliance. The FDA is the US’ regulatory body. It regulates everything from drugs and other medicines to medical devices to food to the payment card industry. Here, compliance means meeting the regulatory requirements set out by the FDA. The same applies to regulatory bodies across the world. There is little in common between medical compliance and regulatory compliance, apart of course, from the fact that both involve a degree of compliance, albeit to entirely different things.


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