Hand-held ECG devices could impact the home-care cardiac patients

Description:  This device could make emergency care for cardiac patients much easier and accessible

The Promise of Hand-Held ECG Device


Electrocardiograph is a medical device that generates electrocardiography (ECG), a recording of the electrical activity of the heart over time. ECG is usually a wavy line showing the overall rhythm of the heart. It is a non-invasive recording  obtained by detecting and amplifying electrical changes between two skin electrodes placed on either side of the heart.

ECG Devices

The first generation of ECG devices was not only big but also printed on a graph paper. The next generation of devices came up with display panel for monitoring information and stored collected data for later analysis. However these were still complicated for general use outside healthcare facilities. The new generations of devices are portable, simple to operate and technologically advanced. Hand-held ECG deviceseither operate independently or work as an accessory to a computer system or a mobile phone.

Detecting and managing irregularities in the heart at an early stage is crucial to preventing worsening of heart diseases. Such devices can revolutionize healthcare in general and cardiac care in particular,putting patients in control on their health.Patients who have erratic heart rhythms, or those who suffer from atrial fibrillations, or the ones who have sustained transient ischemic attack, as well as all those patients who are diagnosed of any heart related condition can make use of this device.

Hand-held ECG devices in the market

There are several makes of hand-held ECG devices available in the market today at affordable prices.

Most of these devices are single lead electrocardiographic monitor. They record the users’ cardiac functions by tracing the heart’s electrical activity and display in a waveform. These are most suitable for daily or regular health checkup, especially suitable for those who have been diagnosed with heart related conditions.These devices are intended for self-testing and make it convenient to use whenever the patient want to have routine checks. Most of these devices are almost wireless and do not require conducting gel either. These devices are small in size and weigh a few hundred grams.

The reading from these devices can be stored on a computer or even on a smartphone. These are sure to control fatalities due to heart related medical conditions.


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